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Joel Feller

With vast experience and a proven record of extraordinary results in a wide range of complex catastrophic injury cases, Joel J. Feller is one of the preeminent trial attorneys in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the nation.

$11 Million Recovered For Child Who Suffered Neurological Injuries

Joel Feller reached the settlement in the medical malpractice case.

$8.5 Million Won For Child Injured By Medication Error

Joel Feller reached the seven-figure settlement.

$14 Million Won In Birth Injury Case Involving The Mismanagement Of Induction Of Labor

Joel Feller reached the settlement on behalf of the newborn's family.

$9 Million Won In A Case Involving Pediatric Malpractice

Joel Feller's efforts proved that medical malpractice was the cause of the injuries.

$11 Million Recovered In A Premises Liability Case Involving A Teen Injured At Trampoline Park

Joel Feller established that negligence was to blame for the injuries.

$10.9 Million Recovered For Neurological Injuries Sustained As A Result Of An Error During Brain Surgery

Joel Feller reaches major settlement in AVM medical malpractice litigation

$5.5 Million Recovery: 15-year-old Boy Drowns In Hotel Pool

Joel Feller won a $5.5 million recovery for the family of a boy who drowned in a hotel swimming pool; settlement forces safety improvements

$13 Million Recovered For A Man Brain Injured In A Truck Crash

Joel Feller reached a $13 million settlement in a case involving a man who suffered severe brain damaged in a truck crash.

$8 Million Recovery In A Case Involving The Delay In Diagnosing Infection

Joel Feller reached the settlement in the case involving medical malpractice.

$7 Million Recovery In A Fatal Crash Involving A Defective Truck Steering Column

Joel Feller obtained a $7 million recovery for the family of a truck driver who died in crash as a result of a defective steering column

$19.2 Million Recovered For A Child Born With Club Feet As A Result Of Prenatal Medication

Joel Feller wins a product liability case involving a child born with club feet after mother took an anti-nausea drug

Record $18 Million Settlement Reached In Bad-Faith Case Involving $100,000 Auto Insurance Policy

Joel J. Feller reached an $18 million settlement in a bad-faith action on behalf of the family of a teenage boy who sustained severe brain injuries in a car crash.