There is no better endorsement than one form a satisfied client. Here is what some of our clients have to say about Ross Feller Casey.

in their own words

  • Rob Ross was excellent in how he prepped us, excellent in the courtroom, excellent in dealing with the judge and the jury and even the opposing counsel. He was just simply excellent all around. He was sensitive and empathetic, yet totally professional at all times. He is one of the most intelligent lawyers I have ever met, yet still very, very humble. — Antoinette Foy
  • Joel Feller was very caring and sensitive. He was almost like part of the family for two years. From the beginning, he was up front about our limitations in the case, but when he said he was going to do something, he got it done. — Mary Zganjer
  • Finding Matt Casey to represent me was a blessing. He really did his homework. The hospital was stunned at all the things he knew. He knew the hospital's own rules better than the hospital did. He knew me better than I knew myself. The number one thing for me is that you have to have a lawyer who cares. And Matt really cared about me as a person and about my case. — Lisa Deschak
  • Mr. Ross was the best lawyer I could ever have hoped for. He was impressive in every regard. He cared about me, my situation and what I was going through. He really made me feel special, and not like just another case. I felt like he was fighting for me as if I was one of his own family members. Mr. Ross was more than my lawyer. He was my angel. — Tammy Willis
  • I was impressed from the day I first walked into their building. It's almost intimidating because I am a regular, middle-class person, but I definitely felt like I was in the right place. They really made it feel like they were working for you. In fact, Joel Feller told me several times that he was my employee. — Karen Schaefer
  • Matt Casey is just an incredible litigator, and his knowledge of the law is top-notch. He is meticulous and incredibly prepared in every detail. He decimated and eviscerated the other side and the verdict he won for me speaks for itself. Beyond that, he really does care about his clients in a way that lawyers like to say that they do, but he actually does. — Marcus Gustafsson
  • I trusted Rob Ross completely, not just because of his reputation as a lawyer but because he made me feel that I had someone fighting for me who really knew what he was doing. It was comforting that he truly cared about me and my well-being. He took the time to listen to my story and my thoughts, and that made the whole process a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. — LaChaya Thomas
  • If we took this case, these allegations, to any other attorney, they would have thought we were crazy. Joel Feller never treated us like we were crazy. He was always sympathetic and very passionate about the case. He was more a friend than he was an attorney. — Janmarie Cannon
  • If you need a personal injury lawyer, this is the guy you want. Matt Casey is smart and really knows his stuff, and stands by his clients. He was very well prepared. Everything that happened at trial is exactly how he said it would happen. Matt is just a great lawyer. — Patrick Hennessy
  • Rob Ross took care of us from the very start, and all the way through the case. We are lucky to have had him represent us. We are more than 100 percent happy with him. He is a good man, a good person and a fantastic lawyer. — Hilcias Ipena
  • Joel Feller and all of Ross Feller Casey far surpassed any expectations that we could ever have imagined. In our case, Joel knew exactly what was going to happen, legally, even before it happened and he shared it with us at every step using layman’s terms. We put our daughter’s life in their hands and left it all up to them. That’s how comfortable we felt with them. — Ginger D'Amico
  • I had never dealt with a lawyer before, so I had no idea what to expect. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with the whole process. They were very understanding and sympathetic. What Matt Casey and Ross Feller Casey did for us was simply life changing. I don’t have to worry about my son any longer. I know he will be taken care of now, and even when I am no longer here – all because of their hard work. — Jackie Hufford
  • Rob Ross just started digging and digging and digging and he found out things that really helped. He knows the law and he certainly knows his business, that's for sure. And, when he takes your case, you know something is going to happen. — Walter Van Doren
  • Joel Feller was an extremely conscientious lawyer who kept us informed and included us in the decision making throughout this long process. I remember at trial being very impressed with Joel’s ability to put into practice his vast legal knowledge and how he was able to counteract what the other lawyers were saying and trying to do. He and the entire firm became like family and treated us like family. It was just a wonderfully experience and a wonderful outcome. I was very impressed with the firm’s ability to get Olivia what she deserves. Her quality of life has vastly improved since the outcome. — Pam Hathaway
  • My family and I were blown away with the caliber of work that came before and during the trial and throughout the whole process. I was in awe of Matt Casey’s knowledge of the law and how prepared he was for anything and everything. The entire firm treated my mom, my family and myself with the utmost of respect and professionalism, and they couldn’t have done a better job in how they represented my father. It was a long process and they were with us every step of the way. — Ken Yetter, Jr.
  • Robert Ross is a small firestorm. He is small in stature, but to see him in the courtroom, well, I was amazed at what he could do. He has a brilliant mind for details and for the law. — Dr. Ellisa Young
  • Joel Feller was just a great lawyer. He and the entire firm worked nonstop for us and put in extremely long hours to get us the outcome we received. The outcome was fabulous. Joel fought for my child and, because of that, it really will make a difference in his quality of life. — Lesle Taylor
  • It was almost like you were watching a TV show. Matt Casey had an amazing courtroom presence. He was everything you would expect a lawyer to be, but only more. — Amy Potsko
  • I felt like I wasn't going through this by myself. When I didn't have any more strength to carry on, Rob Ross was the one who fought for me. He always made me feel like this was his fight, too, and that he was as passionate about it as I was. — Pamela Lackey
  • Matt Casey showed me it wasn't just about winning money. He really cared about me and my kids and going after the people who did wrong to my husband. He showed that he had a heart, and that mattered a lot to me. — Hana Redding

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