The attorneys at Ross Feller Casey have established themselves as a leading team of litigators. Their work in the courtroom and their track record of multi-million dollar verdicts demonstrate their expertise as successful trial attorneys.

One way that they accomplish that is by embracing technology and utilizing demonstrative evidence to streamline technically complex concepts for jurors. Effectively reaching jurors is the goal of every civil litigator, and the attorneys at Ross Feller Casey are no exception.

How Does Ross Feller Casey Incorporate Demonstrative Evidence into Litigation?

As every attorney knows, the successful litigation of cases has many components, one of which is the ability to demonstrate to the jury exactly what happened in a manner that is clear and understandable. Often in civil litigation, testimony can become very technical in nature and it may be difficult for the average person to understand. Through the use of technology, Ross Feller Casey is able to reach jury members, giving them a basic understanding of the mechanics of the accident or medical mistake, even in the most complicated of cases.

Simplifying the complex nature of medical malpractice and personal injury litigation can be a challenge for many litigators. Presenting animations to the jury is one way that Ross Feller Casey has been able to simplify explanations of medical conditions, demonstrate how malpractice or negligence occurred, and present visuals of how physical injuries were sustained. The following animations are examples of how utilizing demonstrative evidence can result in favorable outcomes for clients.

Why Using Demonstrative Evidence Works

It is widely accepted that jurors only retain about 20% of the oral testimony that they hear during trials. However, it is estimated that they can retain up to 65% if they are simultaneously hearing about and viewing evidence. So, in addition to simplifying complex concepts for jurors, utilizing animations and other demonstrative evidence works because it is easier for jurors to remember something that they have seen. This is especially true for cases that last longer than a few days. Further, psychological studies show that visual presentations can communicate facts faster and the audience has more accurate recall of the information presented for a longer period of time.

Ross Feller Casey employs these visual methods for litigation in front of a jury, and their past performance has shown that doing so results in educating the jury more effectively than oral testimony alone.

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This animation, created by Matt Casey and High Impact Graphics, demonstrates just what happened to a woman’s leg as a result of a defective mechanized baggage handling cart. The case settled recently. Details are confidential.

Accelerator Pedal Failure | 2:08

Matt Casey created this animation in the case of a 27-year-old man who died after he and the motorized cart he was driving fell down a freight elevator shaft. The animation brought to life the series of events that led to the tragic accident. The case settled recently. Details are confidential.

Motorized cart falls down a freight elevator shaft | 3:29

An animation created by Matt Casey and High Impact Graphics brings to vivid detail just what happened in the case of a 31-year-old man who died after doctors failed to diagnose and treat his internal bleeding. The case was settled. Details are confidential.

Failure to Diagnose Internal Bleeding | 1:24

Joel J. Feller created this animation to demonstrate the inner workings of a defective tractor trailer steering assembly. It shows how the mechanism failed and caused an accident that killed the truck driver. The case settled for $7 million.

Steering Model Defect | 0:54

Here is an example of animation created by Ross Feller Casey to achieve a major, seven-figure recovery in a case involving cerebral palsy.

Maternal Fetal Circulation | 5:34

Matt Casey obtained a $10 million settlement in a case of a 40-year-old welder who was killed when a pressurized tank he was working on exploded. Reached after several days of trial testimony, the settlement is one of the largest ever reported in Pennsylvania for a product liability case involving a single death.

Pressurized water tank explosion | 2:33
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