Over the past three years alone, the nationally recognized attorneys of Ross Feller Casey have recovered a remarkable $600 million on behalf of their catastrophically injury clients, including those who have suffered amputations.

One out of every 200 Americans—1.7 million people overall—has suffered some type of limb loss, with 50,000 new amputation cases reported across the U.S. annually, according to national statistics.

A large number of these amputations occur as a result of traumatic accidents. However, diseases and other medical conditions—from diabetes, cancers, infections and tumors—outnumber trauma as the primary cause.

If limb loss occurred due to medical malpractice, such as a doctor’s failure to exercise reasonable care, there may be grounds for an amputation lawsuit in Philadelphia. Litigation may also be possible in other circumstances, such as workplace injuries from a defective machine or in auto accidents where another person was at fault.

A home care nurse failed to properly evaluate and timely report Sharlee Ann Smoyer’s infected catheter, resulting in a bloodstream infection that ultimately forced the below-the-knee amputations. The verdict is among the highest ever for a medical malpractice case involving amputations in Lehigh County and is among the highest of its kind in all of Pennsylvania over the past decade (read the story).

Founding partner Matt Casey won a $23.1 million verdict in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania for a 55-year-old woman who lost both her legs as a result of medical negligence.

Casey also won a $19.1 million verdict for a man who was struck by a vehicle as he was pushing a disabled car to the side of a Philadelphia road. Patrick Hennessy suffered severe injuries in the crash and eventually underwent an above-the-knee leg amputation. In September 2014, Casey settled the case with the insurance company for $22 million, making it the largest such bad-faith settlement in Pennsylvania history (read about the case).

Founding partner Robert Ross recovered $17.8 million in an amputation injury lawsuit that involved the failure to adequately treat a client’s infection, which resulted in an amputation.

Other noteworthy loss of limb lawsuits litigated by Ross Feller Casey’s Philadelphia amputation attorneys include:

  • $51 million verdict in Philadelphia against SEPTA for a boy whose foot was torn off by an escalator (read about this case)
  • $20.8 million verdict in Philadelphia for a podiatrist who had to have her foot amputated because of misdiagnosis of a bloodstream infection (read about this case)
  • $8 million Pennsylvania recovery for an amputation injury in a factory accident
  • $6.5 million recovery for a partial amputation injury to a factory worker
  • $4 million recovery for a man who suffered an amputation as a result of a workplace accident
  • $2.4 million settlement for a small boy who suffered the amputation of his lower left arm as a result of medical negligence

Are you wondering: How do I find an amputation injury lawyer near me?

Ross Feller Casey handles amputation injury lawsuits on a contingency basis. That means that there will never be a cost to you unless we resolve the case with a monetary recovery.

You may be able to recover financial compensation through an amputation lawsuit even if the loss of the limb occurred some time ago.

But time may be running out. Please contact Ross Feller Casey to arrange a free consultation with an amputation lawyer in Philadelphia.