Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys Ross Feller Casey

At Ross Feller Casey, we pride ourselves on helping clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries at the hand of others. We have recovered more than $600 million for our clients in just the last three years alone.

That’s why The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that we are “among the nation’s top plaintiffs firms,” why Martindale-Hubbell points to our “impeccable, nationally recognized reputation in the field of personal injury law,” and the reason behind Harvard Law School’s accolade “a firm that keeps setting new records.”

Our firm has successfully litigated – often with record results – all types of personal injury cases, from medical malpractice to birth injury to product liability. Many of those successes have come to us as attorney referrals from other lawyers who were confident in the expertise that Ross Feller Casey has to offer.

Why Send Your Personal Injury Lawyer Referrals to Ross Feller Casey?

When other firms have complicated personal injury cases that they need assistance with, they can trust that Ross Feller Casey has the knowledge and the resources to help. The willingness of other attorneys to refer to us is an indicator that they know their clients will receive the best representation available. At Ross Feller Casey, we have a history of winning cases that began as lawyer referrals, and as a result we have paid tens of millions of dollars in referral fees. Recently, fees paid to referring attorneys have been for cases including: spinal cord injury, amputation, medical malpractice, brain injury, birth injury, premises liability, and a case involving the improper prescription of medication. There is no case too big or too complex for Ross Feller Casey to handle.

It is often in a client’s best interest to be referred to a firm that has a team of seasoned attorneys who specialize in litigating for the catastrophically injured. These personal injury lawyer referrals often require the expertise of the doctor-lawyers on staff at Ross Feller Casey. When you refer a client to our firm, you can be assured that they will receive the best advice, support, and representation regarding their case.

We Want to Share Fees for Attorney Referrals

Ross Feller Casey is located in Philadelphia and we have experience working with other attorneys in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states. We specialize in litigating complicated and tragic cases, and have an excellent track record of winning cases from various locations in the country. Many attorneys, from all over, have referred cases to us that have been successfully litigated and they have collected substantial fees for their referrals.

We are committed to working hard for your clients, and we appreciate all referrals that attorneys like you send our way. If you need the assistance of an experienced and successful personal injury law firm, Ross Feller Casey is the one for you. We will advocate for your client in every way we can, and they can expect to be supported in the same manner in which you care for them.

We want your attorney referrals, and we want to share our victories and our fees with you. If you have a catastrophic personal injury case that requires our assistance, please call our office to talk with one of our attorneys about referring your client today.