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Fast facts About ROSS FELLER CASEY

  • More than $2 Billion in Recoveries in Personal Injury Cases
  • No law firm has recovered more on behalf of injured Pennsylvania children over 5 years
  • Team of Leading Doctor-Lawyers on Staff
  • Among the nation’s top plaintiffs firms – The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • More than 50 $10-Million-plus Verdicts & Settlements
  • National Reputation for Record Results
  • “A firm that keeps setting new records” – Harvard Law School

Ross Feller Casey has built an impeccable, nationally recognized reputation in the field of personal injury law for obtaining record-setting results for our clients—the catastrophically injured. See just a few of the high-profile cases won by Ross Feller Casey below.

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

Ross Feller Casey successfully represented seven victims in the Jerry Sandusky Child Sexual Abuse case against Penn State University—more than any other single firm. The victims included those identified as Victim 2, Victim 3, Victim 7, Victim 10, Sandusky’s adopted son, Matt Sandusky, as well as others. Founding partners Joel Feller and Matt Casey represented the victims in settlements reach with Penn State in August 2013.

Tate v. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Ross Feller Casey founding partner Robert Ross won a record-setting and remarkable $44.1 million verdict on behalf of a woman who suffered a brain injury as a result of medical malpractice on the part of the University of Pennsylvania hospital and doctors there.

The case involved Andrea Tate, a project manager at a financial services company, who suffered an adverse reaction to the anti-coagulant drug heparin and now is unable to feed herself, walk or use the toilet.

During a 13-day trial, Ross convinced the Philadelphia jury that test results showed Tate’s blood was growing increasingly too thin as a result of the heparin, and that the hospital failed to adjust the medication. Those tests were then stopped for several days, even though heparin was still being administered.

The jury found in favor of Ross and awarded $44.1 million. The outcome went on to become the largest medical malpractice verdict in Pennsylvania for all of 2016.

Mariah Edwards and Abington Surgical Center

Ross Feller Casey founding partner Joel J. Feller obtained a seven-figure recovery in an emotional medical negligence case on behalf of the parents of a 17-year-old girl who tragically died after undergoing a routine procedure.

Mariah Edwards underwent an ordinary tonsillectomy on March 20, 2012 at the Abington Surgical Center and was moved to the out-patient facility’s post-anesthesia care unit, or PACU, where she was to be closely monitored. Shortly after arriving at the PACU and receiving Fentanyl, a narcotic known for depressing respiratory function, Mariah was left unmonitored by nurses assigned to her. Nurses failed to recognize Mariah’s deteriorating respiratory condition, which was catastrophically left untreated.

Feller later uncovered that nurses failed to take any vital signs during Mariah’s time in the PACU and that her monitoring equipment was muted, ignored or not properly set. For Mariah, the dreadful consequence of such neglect was a prolonged period of oxygen deprivation and an irreversible brain injury, resulting in her death on April 3, 2012.

The case resulted in a recovery of $6 million for Mariah’s parents as well as a series of policy changes meant to better serve the safety of patients at Abington Surgical Center.

Gustafsson v. Exelon Corp.

Matt Casey won a dramatic $85 million compensatory damage verdict in a high-profile case in a Philadelphia courtroom that featured a last-minute twist that appeared ripped from a Hollywood script.

The plaintiff, Marcus Gustafsson, a 30-year-old University of Pennsylvania medical student, injured his spinal cord in a 20-foot fall through an open manhole in Center City. At trial, Casey proved that the company that owned and operated manholes throughout the city had prior notice that its covers were being removed.

As the jury was about to render its verdict, the insurance carrier for the defense made a large settlement offer—$10 million. With his client’s authority, Casey rejected the offer. Moments later, the panel announced the staggering verdict.

At $85 million, it remains the largest premises liability verdict in Pennsylvania history.

Smoyer v. St. Luke’s Miners Memorial Home Care, et al

Matt Casey won a major victory in a Lehigh County courtroom in 2011 for a woman who lost both her legs as a result of medical negligence.

Sharlee Ann Smoyer suffered a near fatal blood infection after a home care nurse failed to properly evaluate and timely report an infected catheter. The delay ultimately caused Smoyer, a 55-year-old former nurse, to have both legs amputated below the knees.

Casey convinced a jury that Smoyer would still have her legs if not for the medical errors in her treatment.

At $23.1 million, the verdict is among the largest ever for a medical malpractice case in Lehigh County.

Gomez v. Atlantic City Medical Center, et al

Robert Ross was the lead trial attorney in a record-setting case in New Jersey in which a woman lost half her blood while waiting for a transfusion during childbirth.

Ana Gomez, an El Salvadorian immigrant, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage while waiting for a blood transfusion at the Atlantic City Medical Center. Ross successfully proved, among other things, that the blood bank failed to implement a plan for such emergency delivery of blood.

The jury awarded $22 million in the case, making it the largest personal injury verdict in New Jersey that year.