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Why choose ross feller casey?

  • More than $2 Billion in Recoveries in Personal Injury Cases
  • No law firm has recovered more on behalf of injured Pennsylvania children over 5 years
  • Team of Leading Doctor-Lawyers on Staff
  • Among the nation’s top plaintiffs firms – The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • More than 75 $10-Million-plus Verdicts & Settlements
  • National Reputation for Record Results
  • “A firm that keeps setting new records” – Harvard Law School

Over the past five years alone, Ross Feller Casey has won more than $1 billion for its clients, including numerous multimillion-dollar cases involving defective or dangerous products. It’s a record of success that has established the firm as the preeminent catastrophic injury litigator in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and across the nation.

Founding partner Matt Casey recovered $19.5 million for a truck driver who was paralyzed after a defective crane lifting 3,500 pounds of concrete block broke in two and struck him on the head at a construction site.

Casey also recovered $10 million in a case of a 40-year-old Bucks County, Pennsylvania, welder, who was killed when a pressurized tank he was working on exploded. It became one of Pennsylvania’s largest-ever reported settlements for a product liability case involving a single death.

In another astonishing result, founding partner Joel J. Feller, a leading Philadelphia products liability lawyer, successfully argued that a 10-year-old girl sitting in the rear seat of a truck was paralyzed in a crash because of a defectively designed occupant restraint system. Several days into the trial, the truck maker agreed to settle the Philadelphia product liability suit for $30 million.

Other Notable Victories By Ross Feller Casey’s Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Include:

  • $31 million recovery for paralysis caused by a defective product
  • $25 million recovery for a man who was injured as a result of a faulty car
  • $19.2 million recovery for a child born with a club foot as a result of an anti-nausea drug
  • $10.5 million recovery in Pennsylvania product liability lawsuit for the family of a child killed by a collapsing table
  • $8 million recovery for a factory worker injured in a workplace incident
  • $8 million recovery for an injured ironworker

Ross Feller Casey Is Among The Nation’s Top Product Liability Law Firms

The leading Philadelphia products liability lawyers at Ross Feller Casey handle all types of cases involving serious injuries caused by defective or dangerous products. They include:

  • Airbags in millions of vehicles that either explode or fail to inflate
  • Certain breast implants that cause a type of cancer
  • Car and truck defects by auto giants such as Ford, GM, and Audi
  • Lawnmowers, lawn tractors, and hoverboards that cause fires, burns, and other injuries
  • Infant sleepers, such as the Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play Sleeper, have caused severe injuries and death to numerous babies
  • Furniture that is prone to tipping over on children
  • Button batteries that often are swallowed by young children

How Common Are Defective Product Injuries?

Each year across America, nearly 30 million people are injured by consumer products, and, tragically, 22,000 die from defective products, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Here are some additional shocking statistics:

  • In the U.S., nearly 22,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries suffered from a falling television, piece of furniture, or an appliance every year. And, on average, a child will die every two weeks in America from such furniture tip-over injuries as a result of climbing on unsecured furniture or appliances, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Each year across the nation, an estimated 20,000 people are injured by lawnmowers and lawn tractors, with 80 of them dying and 600 others suffering life-altering amputations, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Tragically, many of the cases resulted from a design of manufacturing defects.
  • Nearly 3,000 children are treated each year in emergency rooms after swallowing the button batteries found in electronic devices and toys, and unfortunately, that number is increasing.
  • A new national study has found that using popular hair-straightening products and relaxers significantly increases women's risk of developing uterine cancer. In the most startling finding, women who reported using hair-straightening products more than four times in the previous year were more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer (4.05 percent) compared to those who did not use the products (1.64 percent).
  • Fisher-Price recalled all 4.7 million Rock ’n Play Sleepers in April 2019. The move came days after a leading pediatric group dubbed the sleepers “deadly” and urged Fisher-Price’s parent company, Mattel, to pull them from store shelves. A Consumer Reports investigation linked the sleeper to 32 infant deaths between 2011 and 2018.

Manufacturers are responsible for producing safe products, and when they fail, they may become the subject of product liability claims.

What Cases Do Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Handle?

When an investigation reveals that unsafe products caused the injury, there may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit. The three main areas of product liability litigation center on manufacturing defects, design flaws, and failures to warn consumers about the dangers of a product.


A manufacturing defect may be the most obvious type of product liability and involves a manufacturer producing a flawed product at the factory. It could be a bicycle with a missing brake, a swing with a cracked chain, or medical devices that don’t work properly.


In these cases, those injured must show that a product’s design was inherently dangerous and defective. Examples of these product liability claims include vehicles prone to flipping over, blow driers and curling irons that cause burns, and ear plugs that do not protect against noise, leading to hearing loss.


Such failure-to-warn claims typically involve a product that is dangerous in some way that is not obvious or requires the user to exercise certain precautions. Examples include pharmaceutical drugs that do not warn of potentially hazardous side effects if taken with other medicines and corrosive chemicals sold without adequate instructions for safe handling.

How To Find A Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer

Has a design flaw injured someone you love? What are your rights? Can you file a product liability claim for compensation? We’ve dealt with numerous product accidents caused by negligence like this before.

If you have suffered due to a dangerous or defective product and need a Philadelphia product liability attorney, Pennsylvania’s top attorneys are here to help. You may be entitled to recover compensation for the financial losses your injury caused.

Ross Feller Casey offers a free case evaluation to discuss your concerns about product liability lawsuits.

You may still be able to investigate a potential product liability injury claim even if the injury occurred some time ago, but your time may be running out to file a claim against the parties responsible for your injury.

Please call or contact our law firm today to arrange a free consultation with a product liability lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

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