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Robert Ross

With numerous landmark victories to his name, Robert Ross is one of the top personal injury litigators in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the nation.

$14 Million Recovered In An Amputation Case

Robert Ross reached $14 million settlement in a case involving an amputation.

$8 Million Won For Injured Factory Worker

Robert Ross successfully litigated the case, which involved defective machinery.

$17.8 Million: Medical Malpractice Forces Amputation

$17.8 million was recovered by Robert Ross in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving the failure to adequately treat an infection that led to amputation.

$10 Million For Girl Who Drowned At A Swimming Facility

Founding partner Robert Ross recovered $10 million for the family of an 11-year-old girl who drowned at a swimming facility.

$12.95 Million Recovered In A Wrongful Death Case

Robert Ross reached the settlement in a case involving a medication error.

Robert Ross Wins Record $44.1 Million Verdict In Brain Injury Case

A jury awarded $44.1 million to a woman who suffered a brain injury as a result of negligence at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

$20.8 Million For Podiatrist Whose Foot Was Amputated

Robert Ross successfully litigated the case of a Philadelphia podiatrist who was given a central venal catheter to administer steroids.

Ross Feller Casey wins multi-million-dollar breast cancer misdiagnosis verdict

Robert Ross convinced a jury that a hospital and two radiologists were negligent in failing to diagnose a woman’s breast cancer.

Pain Clinic to Pay $1.78 Million to Settle Whistleblower Case

The Ross Feller Casey qui tam lawsuit centered on allegations that the father-son owned practice billed for procedures that were not medically necessary.

Ross Feller Casey Files First Lawsuit In Quadruple Bucks County Murders

Robert Ross filed the high-profile lawsuit on behalf of the family of Mark Sturgis, whose body was discovered buried on a farm in Solebury Township, Pa.

$25 Million Verdict for Doctor who Died After Fertility Procedure

A $25 million verdict was reached in a case involving a doctor who died after a routine fertility proceedure.

$29.6 Million Settlement Reached In Pier Collapse Case

Property owners failed to maintain the structure despite warning signs of a possible collapse.

Family of Victim in Bucks County Murders Hires Ross Feller Casey

The parents of Mark Sturgis turn to Robert Ross to represent them in a civil investigation into the death of their son.

$5.8 Million Verdict In A Suit Brought By Children Of A Malaria Victim

A jury found that doctors were liable for not prescribing the proper medication for a woman who went to Africa and contracted malaria.

$10 Million Verdict: Peanut Allergy Causes Brain Damage In Boy

In a case that drew national legal recognition, Rob Ross won a $10 million verdict for a boy who suffered brain damage as a result of a peanut allergy.

$9.3 Million For A Woman In Medical Malpractice Case

A woman suffered neurological injuries and was paralyzed as a result of medical malpractice.

Ross Feller Casey Wins One Of Mercer County’s Largest Verdicts Ever

In awarding more than $5 million, a jury found that a surgeon didn’t review x-rays before an operation and caused the death of a 57-year-old man.