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Cervical Cancer Malpractice

Ross Feller Casey is the recognized leader in lawsuits involving the failure to timely diagnose and treat cervical cancer.

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

An unmatched record of success winning cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Breast Cancer Malpractice

Catching breast cancer in the early stages comes down to proper medical examination and testing.

Prostate Cancer Malpractice

The leading prostate cancer misdiagnosis attorneys at Ross Feller Casey can help you understand your legal options.

Lung Cancer Lawsuits

Patients can file a medical malpractice lawsuit if they believe a doctor did not detect lung cancer when they should have.

Colon Cancer Malpractice Lawsuits

If you or someone you love suffered from a delay in diagnosing colon cancer, the attorneys at Ross Feller Casey can help.

Hair Straightener Uterine Cancer Lawyers

Ross Feller Casey is actively investigating litigation on behalf of women who have developed uterine cancer due to dangerous chemicals in hair-straightening products.

$3 Million Recovery for Widow of Man who Died of Colon Cancer

Doctors failed to diagnose and treat the decedent’s colon cancer for 18 months. During that time, the cancer spread, metastasized and become incurable.

$11 Million Recovered in Pediatric Cancer Case

Matt Casey settled a major malpractice lawsuit involving the failure to diagnose pediatric cancer.

How Often Is Cancer Misdiagnosed?

Is cancer hard to diagnose? How often do doctors make mistakes?

Could My Husband’s Colorectal Cancer Been Detected Earlier?

Were you diagnosed with cancer despite having regular colonoscopies? Your doctor might have missed something important!

Could My Husband’s Prostate Cancer Have Been Detected Earlier?

Was your husband diagnosed with prostate cancer? Could it have been caught earlier?

Jury Awards $10 Million In Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Lawsuit

A technician misread pap smears over three years, which allowed cancer to spread to stage three in a 63-year-old woman.

How Can Cancer Be Misdiagnosed?

Yes, doctors make mistakes sometimes. Did your doctor fail to diagnose your cancer in time?

Ross Feller Casey wins multi-million-dollar breast cancer misdiagnosis verdict

Robert Ross convinced a jury that a hospital and two radiologists were negligent in failing to diagnose a woman’s breast cancer.

Could My Wife’s Cervical Cancer Have Been Detected Earlier?

Did regular Pap Smears not catch your wife's cervical cancer- or did your doctor make a mistake?

Jury Orders Drug Maker To Pay $3.6 Million In Cancer Case

A jury in Philadelphia has ordered the maker of a diabetes drug to pay $3.6 million in damages in a case involving a man's bladder cancer.

Does My Cancer Misdiagnosis Warrant a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There are a couple ways a doctor can make a mistake when it comes to diagnosing cancer.

$5.7 Million Verdict In Failure To Diagnose Liver Cancer Lawsuit

A jury in Pittsburgh has awarded $5.7 million to the husband of a woman who died of liver cancer after a doctor failed to diagnose and treat the disease.

PA Paper Covers Major Cancer Lawsuit Filed By Matt Casey For 4-year-old Boy

Ross Feller Casey has filed a major medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of a 4-year-old Scranton boy alleging that doctors failed to detect that he had cancer.