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Matt Casey

Matt Casey’s impressive list of record-setting courtroom victories places him among the nation’s leading catastrophic injury lawyers.

Matt Casey to begin second major Luzerne County blood clot trial

Matt Casey on April 4 is to begin the second high-profile wrongful death trial in Luzerne County in a month.

Matt Casey’s Record Bad-Faith Settlement is “David v. Goliath Story”

KYW News Radio covers the record $22 million insurance bad-faith settlement reached by Matt Casey this week.

Inquirer: Matt Casey Reaches Record-Setting Bad-Faith Settlement

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on Matt Casey's landmark $22 million settlement in an insurance company bad-faith case.

$22 million: Matt Casey Settles Record Insurance Bad-Faith Case

In a legal outcome that set state and national records, Matt Casey settled a landmark insurance bad-faith case for $22 million

$26.5 Million Recovery In Amputation Injury Case

Matt Casey reached a record-setting $22 million bad-faith settlement with a major insurance company on behalf of a client who lost his leg in a tragic Philadelphia car accident.

$40.5 Million Verdict In A Brain Injury Lawsuit

Matt Casey obtained the remarkable verdict for the family of a baby who suffered a brain injury.

$19.3 Million Recovered for Baby with Neurological Injuries

Matt Casey recovered $19.3 million for a child who suffered neurological injuries at birth.

$19.25 Million Recovered In A Meningitis Malpractice Case

Matt Casey made the impressive recovery in a case that involved a brain injury

$10 Million Settlement Reached In Stroke Lawsuit

Matt Casey made the impressive recovery on behalf of an elderly woman.

$14 Million Recovered In Obstetric Malpractice Lawsuit

Matt Casey secures major settlement for injuries suffered from negligent obstetric care.

$11 Million Recovered in Pediatric Cancer Case

Matt Casey settled a major malpractice lawsuit involving the failure to diagnose pediatric cancer.