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Could My Wife’s Breast Cancer Have Been Detected Earlier?

If your wife had regular mammograms but was still diagnosed with cancer, her physicians might have missed something.

Shouldn’t The Doctor Have Diagnosed Cancer Earlier?

Sometimes doctors make mistakes. Did they miss your cancer?

Did Missed Warning Signs About Cancer Kill My Wife?

Did your wife die of cancer because of a doctor's mistake?

Whistleblower Suit Alleges McKesson Sold Cancer Drugs Illegally

A new False Claims Act lawsuit alleges the nationwide drug distributor put profits over public safety.

$4 Million Recovery: Failure to Diagnose Carcinoma

25-year-old woman’s cancer was allowed to progress despite clear signs that she had the disease.

Ross Feller Casey Wins Record $9.6 Million Berks County Verdict

The verdict is believed to be the largest ever for a medical malpractice case in the county and involved the failure to timely diagnose and treat cervical cancer in a young girl.

Ross Feller Casey Wins $3 Million Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict

The wrongful death case involved a 68-year-old Philadelphia man and a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer.

Another Lawsuit Alleges Breast Implants Caused Rare Cancer

Ross Feller Casey has filed another major lawsuit alleging breast implants caused a type of lymphoma.

Can I Sue for Wrongful Death After My Loved One Dies from Cancer?

When negligent cancer treatment leads to the death of a loved one, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Can You Sue for Misdiagnosis of Cancer in Pennsylvania?

A misdiagnosis of cancer could mean the difference between life and death and it might be a case of medical malpractice.

Breast Implants Caused Cancer, First-Of-Its-Kind Lawsuit Alleges

Ross Feller Casey files a major lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson alleging breast implants caused a type of lymphoma in a woman.

Ross Feller Casey Wins Major $18 Million Jury Verdict In Chester County Breast Cancer Malpractice Case

Litigated by attorney Matt Casey, the verdict is reported to be the “largest known” award in a civil case in Chester County history.

My Doctor Failed To Diagnose My Ovarian Cancer. Is It Malpractice?

Ovarian cancer is often highly treatable when detected early, but the lack of effective screenings and the disease’s vague symptoms can make early treatment difficult.

How Often Does Medical Malpractice Occur Because of Failure to Diagnose?

Learn more about the prevalence of medical malpractice incidents that occur because of failure to diagnose.

BIA-ALCL: Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is a rare form of cancer that can develop up to a decade after receiving implants. 

Ross Feller Casey Wins Major $5.8 Million Verdict In Wrongful Death Case

The Philadelphia case involved medical malpractice and the failure to recommend a hysterectomy in a woman who, as a result, died of uterine cancer.

How Long After A Hospital Visit Can You Sue For Malpractice in Pennsylvania?

What is the statute of limitations for a hospital's malpractice in Pennsylvania? There are a couple things you need to know.