The family of a 4-year-old girl mauled by a dog and subsequently released by a hospital only to suffer a severe stroke has retained attorney Matt Casey and Ross Feller Casey to investigate the circumstances surrounding her medical care.

Casey Iorio and Matt Jakubowski, the parents of Kaydence Jakubowski, turned to Casey, among the nation’s most prominent medical malpractice attorneys, to probe why doctors at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center failed to discover she suffered from a blood clot as a result of the dog attack.

Kaydence, of Wilkes-Barre Township, was attacked by a dog last week during a gathering at a friend’s house. She was taken to Geisinger, received stitches and was released with a prescription for antibiotics. At home hours later, her parents tried to wake her but she was unable to walk. They took her back to Geisinger and she was then flown by helicopter to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she is being treated.

Prior to Kaydence’s initial release, her mother had asked doctors to keep her in the hospital overnight and to perform a CAT scan. Neither occurred.

“It is evident from just the basic facts that her medical condition when she presented originally to Geisinger was diagnosed as being nothing serious when it was very serious and yet she was sent home. She suffered a very, very serious injury that information we have so far suggests was preventable had she received more timely and appropriate medical treatment,” Casey told the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader (read the story).

In an interview with the Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ Voice, Casey said, “It seems apparent, at least from the published reports, that she was discharged prematurely. We’re going to look closely at that.” (read the story)

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