Landmark Victories

The attorneys of Ross Feller Casey have amassed a stunning record of major legal victories in every area of personal injury law. See a few of these examples below.

$26.5 Million Recovery In Amputation Injury Case

Matt Casey reached a record-setting $22 million bad-faith settlement with a major insurance company on behalf of a client who lost his leg in a tragic Philadelphia car accident.

$20.8 Million For Podiatrist Whose Foot Was Amputated

Robert Ross successfully litigated the case of a Philadelphia podiatrist who went to the Hahnemann University Hospital for treatment of Crohn’s disease and was given a central venal catheter to administer steroids.

$36.4 Million For The Family Of Man Killed in Explosion

Matt Casey led the investigation that resulted in a truly spectacular result for the family of Jeffrey Davis, who was killed in an oil refinery explosion at Motiva Enterprises in Delaware City, Delaware.

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