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Brain Injury

Ross Feller Casey is the recognized leader in brain injury lawsuits in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania and New Jersey with an impressive record of helping injured clients.

$40.5 Million Verdict In A Brain Injury Lawsuit

Matt Casey obtained the remarkable verdict for the family of a baby who suffered a brain injury.

$29 Million Recovery In A Pediatric Brain Injury Case

$29 million recovery in a case involving medical negligence that caused a baby’s brain injury.

$22.5 Million Recovered in Brain Injury Case Involving Ruptured Aneurysm

$22.5 million settlement reached in a case involving the failure to properly treat a ruptured brain aneurysm.

$19.25 Million Recovered for a Child who Suffered a Brain Injury

$19.25 million was recovered for a child who suffered a brain injury as a result of medical malpractice.

$20 Million Settlement Reached In Man’s Brain Injury Case

$20 million was recovered for a man who suffered a brain injury due to a delay in diagnosing a stroke.

$26.3 Million For Man Who Suffered Brain And Spinal Cord Injury

$26.3 million was recovered for a man who suffered injuries to his brain and spinal cord after he was discharged from an emergency room too soon.

Girl Files Lawsuit After Suffering Brain Injury In Inflatable Sumo Suit

A 15-year-old girl filed a lawsuit alleging she suffered a brain injury while wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler suit during a school-sponsored event.

$15 Million Recovery In Uterine Rupture Brain Injury Case

The tragic case involved medical malpractice that led to a birth injury.

Major Meningitis Brain Injury Trial To Start

Matt Casey will begin a major trial next week involving a man who was brain damaged as an infant because doctors failed to diagnose meningitis.

New Study Finds Link Between Youth Sports And Brain Disorder

A new Mayo Clinic study finds that males who played contact sports growing up are more likely to develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

When Is Your Baby’s Encephalomalacia Medical Malpractice?

Encephalomalacia can be a devastating medical condition that causes brain tissue to die. There are various causes, including medical malpractice.

$172 million verdict: Paramedics’ bad advice led to girl’s brain damage

Jury awards record verdict in a case involving bad advice given by NYC paramedics that caused a 12-year-old girl to suffer severe brain injuries.

Why Did My Child Have A Stroke During Surgery?

If your child had a stroke during surgery, another medical procedure, you need to speak with our doctors.

$22 Million Verdict For Brain Injury During Child Birth

A $22 million verdict was returned in a medical malpractice action over a hospital delay in giving Ana Gomez a blood transfusion after she gave birth and began to bleed heavily from her uterus.

Why Does My Child Have Confusion After Surgery?

Does your child seem confused after a medical procedure? Something serious could have gone wrong!