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Birth Injury

Ross Feller Casey has a remarkable record of victories as birth injury lawyers, including some of the largest recoveries of their kind in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

$6 Million Awarded in a Central Pennsylvania Birth Injury Lawsuit

A nurse-midwife and two nurses failed to recognize and manage fetal distress during labor.

Jury Awards $18.3 Million In Cerebral Palsy, Birth Injury Lawsuit

A jury awarded more than $18 million in a birth injury lawsuit involving a boy who suffered a severe brain injury as a result of medical negligence.

$22 Million Verdict For Brain Injury During Child Birth

A $22 million verdict was returned in a medical malpractice action over a hospital delay in giving Ana Gomez a blood transfusion after she gave birth and began to bleed heavily from her uterus.

$14 Million Won In Birth Injury Case Involving The Mismanagement Of Induction Of Labor

Joel Feller reached the settlement on behalf of the newborn's family.

Ross Feller Casey Files Major Birth Injury Lawsuit

Founding partner Matt Casey filed a lawsuit alleging that negligence at two Northeastern Pennsylvania hospitals caused a boy’s permanent brain injuries.

Woman Who Suffered Stroke During Child Birth Awarded $35.4 million

A jury awarded a former marathon runner $35.4 million after finding that a doctor’s error was to blame for a stroke that left her paralyzed after giving birth.

Is My Baby’s Developmental Delay A Birth Injury?

If your baby is developmentally delayed due to a birth injury, you may have a medical malpractice case.

5 Signs Your Child Suffered A Preventable Birth Injury

If your child displays these signs, they may have suffered a birth injury. Consider a malpractice suit.

Are Broken Bones a Birth Injury?

Preventable birth injuries, including broken bones, often occur as a result of medical negligence or medical mistakes.