A Nebraska jury recently awarded $1.8 million to a 3-year-old girl whose left arm is effectively paralyzed after she suffered shoulder dystocia during her June 2008 delivery.

Jurors in the birth injury case deliberated more than four hours before returning the verdict against Dr. Ann Sjulin, an Omaha obstetrician, and for the parents of Chaylee Bentzinger-Hill.

Attorneys for the young girl said the doctor made critical mistakes in delivering Chaylee, a large baby weighing in at a little more than 9 pounds, The Omaha World-Herald reported.

For one, a vacuum was used to help Chaylee through the birth canal — a move attorneys argued wasn't necessary. And when the baby's shoulder got stuck behind her mother's pelvic bone, the doctor pulled down on the baby's head — a maneuver that caused severe nerve damage.

Chaylee now has a severely disabled left arm, one that will forever be shorter than her right arm and likely of little use.

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