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Toxic substances are found everywhere - in the water, air, ground, and the walls of people’s homes. Chemical plants, refineries, factories, railroad yards, electrical towers, transformers, landfills, mines, shipyards, hospitals, lakes, and streams have all become sources of toxicity.

Homes insulated with asbestos, painted with lead-based paint, or walls that are growing mold from water damage can be a source of toxins that, over the years, result in permanent and irreversible health conditions. The fact that the adverse effects of toxic exposure may not be evident for many years makes toxic tort cases a challenge to prove.

Well-known examples of toxic tort litigation that in recent years have come into public view are cases involving exposure to asbestos, groundwater contamination, second-hand smoke, pharmaceutical drugs, and radiation experiments on human subjects.

What Types Of Injuries Have Toxic Or Chemical Exposure Caused?

Toxic or chemical exposure can cause numerous types of injuries, from mild skin irritations to serious injuries, even death. Additionally, some conditions caused by toxic exposure can remain latent for long periods before being identified, which can make toxic tort cases challenging to prove.

Some of the most common types of injuries caused by toxic exposure include:

  • Asbestos - lung cancer, respiratory and gastrointestinal disease
  • Lead-based paint - brain damage, especially in children
  • Radiation and electromagnetic energy - leukemia and other cancers
  • Toxic mold - respiratory illness, digestive tract illnesses, cancer, lupus, TB
  • Tobacco - lung cancer, respiratory illness

While proving that toxins have resulted in an illness may be difficult, the burden of proof in toxic tort lawsuits is much less than in a criminal case. Finding the right toxic exposure attorney to represent you legally in a toxic tort claim is still important, though.

Hiring professional legal counsel offers injured individuals like you the best chances of successful outcomes.

Who Can Be Held Liable In A Toxic Tort Lawsuit?

In toxic exposure lawsuits, several parties may be held accountable for injuries, depending on the situation. Some of those parties include:

Property owner – Premises liability law requires that property owners keep their properties free from dangers, including hazardous chemicals. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for injuries the hazards caused.

Product manufacturer – According to product liability law, it only has to be proven that a product is unreasonably dangerous to be considered defective. If a defective product causes injury to someone, the manufacturer, as well as the supplier, of the product may be found liable.

Employer – If there is toxic exposure in a workplace, a workers' compensation claim may be filed. However, there may be an option to file a third-party claim for the injury. Toxic exposure lawyers can help determine whether this is a valid option.

Contractor – If a contractor is negligent while performing work in a homeowner’s home, and someone is injured due to exposure to toxins, the contractor may have a claim brought against them.

It's important to consult with an experienced toxic torts attorney to discuss how injuries occurred and determine who should be held liable. In some cases, more than one party may be responsible, and you may be able to file claims against multiple parties.

How To Find A Toxic Tort Lawyer Near Philadelphia, PA?

Toxic tort lawsuits are often challenging and complex. But the Philadelphia toxic tort lawyers at Ross Feller Casey are determined to provide unequaled legal representation in toxic exposure cases. Whatever the specifics of your case are, you can depend on us for the guidance you need.

Our toxic torts lawyers have unmatched resources available for toxic tort litigation. We are experts in the medical needs, future care, and reduced abilities of clients suffering from toxic substance exposure. We have a leading team of on-staff physicians and utilize top therapists and economists who translate the aspects of damage and injury into monetary terms that are understandable to a court and jury.

If you suspect you or your family may have been victims of toxic substance exposure, a Philadelphia toxic torts lawyer will provide a free case evaluation to discuss your concerns.

All of our toxic tort cases are handled on a contingency basis. That means there is no cost to you until your lawsuit is won or settled. You'll have no out-of-pocket costs, so you have nothing to lose.

Please contact our law firm to arrange a consultation with a toxic tort lawyer in Philadelphia.