A jury has awarded $35.4 million to a Boston-area woman who was paralyzed as a result of a massive stroke that she suffered just hours after giving birth to her daughter.

In the medical malpractice lawsuit, Andrea Larkin, 35, alleged that after running the Boston Marathon in 2004 she began suffering from dizzy spells and was checked out by physician Jehane Johnston.

Imaging tests showed brain abnormalities, which required Johnston to place Larkin on a special list of patients with certain medical condition that other doctors then could access. However, The Boston Globe reported, Johnston never placed her on that list.

Four years later, when Larkin became pregnant, her obstetrician didn’t know of Larkin’s brain conditions because she did not appear in the database. Had that doctor known, a caesarean section would have been ordered because of the dangers associated with labor. Instead, Larkin delivered her daughter, Alexa, vaginally.

Within hours of the delivery, Larkin suffered a massive stroke, which has left the onetime avid runner wheelchair bound and completely paralyzed with the exception of movement in her right arm.

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