What Types Of Defective Products Lawsuits Are Successful?


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It could be a toy that your child got for their birthday. Or maybe a lawnmower you bought last spring. Perhaps it's the pressure cooker you used for making dinner. Unfortunately, products can be defective and dangerous, causing devastating injuries and deaths. When a product doesn't work as intended, and someone is seriously injured because of that, the injured party (or the injured person's family, if there is a death) may be able to bring a product liability claim against the responsible parties.

What Is A Product Liability Lawsuit?

When an individual is hurt while using a product as intended to be used, the person may be able to pursue a lawsuit and ask for compensation for losses. These losses, or damages, include medical bills and expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A product liability claim may seek compensation from the retailer that sold the item, the distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer who produced the item.

A product liability case may allege there is a:

  • Manufacturing defect – This claim asserts that a flaw during manufacturing resulted in the product being unsafe. Manufacturing defect cases frequently target products produced within a specific time when a manufacturing flaw existed.
  • Defective design – This claim charges that the way the product was designed is inherently unsafe.
  • Failure to warn – This claim asserts that the manufacturer or other relevant parties did not properly warn consumers about the potential dangers posed by the product or that adequate warnings and instructions for using the product safely were not provided.

The product liability lawsuit must establish one of the above claims and show that even though the injured person used the product correctly and as intended, a failure or defect caused the individual to be injured.

What Are Some Types Of Defective Product Cases?

Defective product cases can involve nearly any product. However, some products have a higher potential for seriously injuring someone when there is a defect. The following are examples of defective product cases that could cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death:

Cars and Automotive Parts – Automobile manufacturers must design and manufacture their vehicles to ensure driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety. Automotive parts manufacturers are required to do the same. Unfortunately, millions of defective parts have been recalled on many different vehicle makes and models. Whether it's an airbag, a defective gas tank, a faulty ignition switch, or another part, failure to work properly can lead to severe injuries or deaths of countless consumers.

Medical Devices – Medical products placed into the body like breast implants, blood clot filters, hip implants, transvaginal mesh implants, intrauterine birth control (IUDs), pacemakers, and others can result in devastating problems when they are defective.

Pharmaceutical Products – Defective prescription drugs, which in the past have included blood-thinning medications, birth control pills, dialysis medications, arthritis medication, and testosterone gel, among many others, have caused major injuries in patients.

E-cigarettes and Vaping Products – These products have been implicated in thousands of respiratory injury. Leading manufacturers have been charged with deceptive marketing, and numerous e-cigarette and vaping injury lawsuits are being filed across the U.S.

Industrial Machinery – Industrial machinery and heavy equipment cause hundreds of fatalities among workers each year. If these powerful pieces of equipment are defective, workers can be seriously maimed or killed as a result.

Lawn Mowers and Other Household Tools – Using defective lawn mowers and other tools can result in serious injury, including lacerations, burns, broken bones, and even death. Manufacturers or retailers could be held accountable when a defective product causes injuries or there is a failure to provide sufficient warnings about product risks.

If A Defective Product Has Injured You, Contact An Attorney Today.

You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries if you've suffered bodily harm or lost a loved one due to a defective product. Because these types of lawsuits can be complicated, legally and medically, you must hire a skilled product liability lawyer to help you with your case.

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