Preventing International Travel Injuries For Young Children


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International travel can be an adventure for parents with young children. Although young children may not remember every aspect of their experience, parents can fill in the memory blanks with plenty of pictures to remind young ones of their travel abroad. Families traveling internationally with young children must take precautions to keep their children safe.

Tips To Keep Kids Safe During International Travel 

A few simple tips will help parents prepare properly for their children's overseas experience.


Depending on your destination, international travel can require several immunizations. Check with your child's pediatrician to ensure all of your child's regular immunizations are current and to determine which shots are required for where you are going. Understand that some shots might make your children have flu-like symptoms for a few days following the injection. Your pediatrician will tell you how to treat these side effects and what to look for in case of any serious reaction. Children who are properly immunized before travel greatly reduce their risk of contracting a serious illness while traveling abroad.

Foreign Road Travel

Road trips in foreign countries can be especially hazardous for young children who are not properly buckled into a car seat. Make sure to check your child's car seat or booster seat with your baggage if you plan on renting a vehicle or spending any time riding in a car while abroad. If you use a taxi or car service, allow plenty of time to reach your destination and let your driver know you are not in a hurry. Also, let them know you will reward slow and safe driving with a nice tip.

Safe Food and Drink

Great-smelling food cooked in an open market might seem like a good idea while traveling internationally, but eating food that is not properly cleaned or thoroughly cooked can lead to intestinal problems. This can be especially dangerous for young children. Make sure to eat in clean restaurants, and if possible, watch your food being cooked. Refrain from eating anything that is red or seems undercooked, and never eat anything that is raw while overseas. Do not brush your teeth with water from a tap; use only bottled water for teeth brushing, drinking, and making infant formula, as diarrhea-causing parasites from tap water can be numerous. Ask your child's pediatrician for a prescription for traveler's diarrhea medication that is safe for your children.


Hotel accommodations may not meet the same standards as those in the United States. Pay special attention to outlets, exposed wires, balcony railings, pesticides, and paint chips. Thoroughly inspect any cribs or child sleeping areas that the hotel provides for potential hazards. Never leave your child with anyone you do not know while traveling internationally, and never leave your children alone in a hotel room.


Ensure your child wears an identification bracelet with your contact information, and always keep your child's passport with you. Keep a copy of every family member's passport in another location, like your luggage, in case a passport gets lost or stolen.

Traveling safely with young children can be fun, but it requires always being prepared and aware.

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Accidents and injuries can happen whether you are in Pennsylvania or traveling worldwide. The tips mentioned can help lower the risk of your children getting hurt in a foreign country, but if it happens, you need a personal injury attorney to help determine your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation for your child's injuries, pain, and suffering.

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