Whether because of the improper use of a medical device, surgical error, misdiagnosis or another mistake, medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in America, right after heart disease and cancer. As many as 440,000 Americans die each year because of hospital mistakes that could have been prevented.

Because they deal with life and death, cases that involve major medical errors tend to be complex and difficult, filled with intricate medical details and law. That’s why hiring competent, experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers is so important.

What should you look for in a medical malpractice attorney? How do you know who’s reliable and whom you can trust? To help simplify the process of finding the right medical malpractice lawyers to take on your case, here’s a look at three qualifications that can help distinguish the right attorney for you.

1. Extensive Medical and Legal Knowledge

Because the world of medical malpractice deals so closely with medical terminology, issues and regulations, it’s vital that you find malpractice attorneys who are knowledgeable about both medicine and law. That’s one of the reasons Ross Feller Casey has a team of doctor-lawyers on staff, for example. We have three nationally recognized physicians on our team, two of whom are also attorneys, and they are available to legally diagnose and manage medical malpractice cases in a knowledgeable way.

2. Track Record of Successful Cases

Just like you’d want to see a portfolio of past work or check references before hiring a builder, designer or caterer, you also want to take a look at what specific Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers have already done or accomplished. Do they have a track record of successful cases? What is their record of results? Will they tell you about some previous cases they’ve litigated and won?

3. Ability to Work on a Contingency Basis

When your attorneys work on a contingency basis, this means you don’t pay for anything unless they win your case. Obviously this is a significant benefit because it keeps you from winding up in a greater financial hole as you try to seek restitution in your case. It also means you and your attorney have the same motivation - to win your case.

Are you wondering: How do I find medical malpractice lawyers near me?

If you or your loved one has suffered a situation involving medical negligence, it may be time to pursue legal action. Come talk to the attorneys at Ross Feller Casey, who are knowledgeable medical/legal experts, have an established record of winning cases, and handle medical malpractice lawsuits on a contingency basis. We offer a free case evaluation to discuss your concerns, so contact our office today!