At Ross Feller Casey, we believe that victims are entitled to justice regardless of the size or power of the entity behind the accident, and each Harrisburg civil lawyer at our firm has dedicated their career to that ideal.

We’ve spent years fighting for the rights of our clients against opponents big and small with great success. In fact, our Harrisburg personal injury attorney team has obtained some of the largest compensation amounts in the state, and we’ve become well-known experts in the area. In 2011, our firm’s own Matt Casey, a trial attorney serving Harrisburg, provided expert legal analysis for the city’s Patriot-News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and KDKA radio when they needed input on the 2011 Penn State scandal.

Even though our attorneys are in the news and win record-setting settlements and verdicts, they aren’t solely dedicated to the dollars and cents of a case. Every Harrisburg personal injury attorney at our firm recognizes not only the financial but also the emotional burden of experiencing a traumatic, catastrophic accident. A client may eventually receive compensation for their injuries, but in between the accident and that time, medical bills and the emotional toll can build, straining budgets and relationships. That’s why every trial attorney serving Harrisburg dedicates themselves not only to obtaining a fair settlement to account for these financial burdens, but to helping the client and their family navigate through this difficult time. We believe that personal, one-on-one service is the very least you deserve after becoming injured - weather for medical malpractice or by other forms of negligence.


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