A stuntman in the movie Hangover 2 has filed a Personal Injury lawsuit against the film's maker, Warner Bros., after suffering brain injuries during a car-chase scene.

Scott McLean alleges in the suit that he sustained the injuries while performing as a double for actor Ed Helms in December of last year. During a filmed sequence, he was in a moving truck leaning out the window when another car skidded out of control, causing a collision, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Filmed in Thailand, the scene required "precision and timing," but after the shooting had begun, the film's stunt coordinator, co-defendant Russell Solberg, directed the timing sequence to change, according to the complaint filed in California federal court Tuesday.

The plaintiffs allege that "Solberg commanded to the driver of the automobile in which plaintiff Scott McLean was a passenger, that the speed of his vehicle be increased significantly to a speed unsafe for the stunt, thus resulting in a major collision."

McLean is said to have been airlifted from Thailand to Australia, where he has been in a hospital or rehab facility since that time.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that McLean's representatives said he will likely have "permanent brain and physical injuries," including ongoing seizures, speech impediments, physical impediments, and brain trauma.

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